Coaching sessions are presented to develop leadership competencies according to a sophisticated methodology … by applying global measurement tools to achieve the best results.

Where the participant is evaluated and his administrative abilities to solve problems and make decisions after that, the content of the Coaching sessions is designed in proportion to the evaluation results and carried out step by step with a weekly evaluation to measure the improvement of the participant’s level and his ability to develop his skills.

This program offers competency gap analysis and leadership performance development plan preparation.

About Total SDI

This scale enables the measurement of the behavior of leaders / individuals and the motivations of their behaviors in the work environment and the effect of this on improving the professional, functional and leadership performance by analyzing job competencies in three directions


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Our leadership coaching practice is geared to work with:

Individuals who want to develop their teaming and leadership capabilities. Individuals who are struggling with any aspect of their teaming or leadership responsibilities. Management teams who want to develop different interaction patterns and tools to address conflict or inefficiency. C-suite executives, mid-level executives, ceos, or senior management teams who want to work on their teaming and leadership platform broadly and maximize its impact. C-suite or mid-level executives who are feeling blocked in their upward mobility and achieving their professional goals.


15 Coaching Hours

Price: 1,500$

  • identifying your zone of brilliance as a leader
  • Developing what makes you indispensable to your clients and your organization
  • Creating your personal and professional brand, in person and online
  • Amplifying your mission as a leader
  • Developing your teaming and leadership strategy
  • Managing difficult decisions and conversations strategy
  • Developing your forward career plan
  • Integrating your values into your job strategy
  • Developing the talent around you and securing a pipeline of talent
  • Blending and balancing your personal and professional effectiveness
  • Embracing and cultivating diversity at work and on your team
  • Other leadership issues or challenges you would like support on

We offer four different possible coaching packages to entrepreneurs:

Career Coaching
Leadership Coaching
Life Coaching
Business Consulting Services

The business consulting services are geared to specifically address the issues that will come up in visioning, planning, resourcing, launching, funding, and scaling a business from scratch.


25 Coaching Hours

Price: 2,500$

  • Creating a vision for your business
  • Creating your product/service offering and evaluating your uniqueness
  • Market-testing your business and product/service vision
  • Writing your business plan
  • Developing your business strategy
  • Creating your marketing, promotion, pricing, and social media strategy (we will partner with another resource on social media part)
  • Analyzing your competition and finding your win/win
  • Evaluating funding options and trade-offs
  • Planning your growth and scaling strategy
  • Other business-specific issues that you identify

Our Career coaching practice offers several different coaching packages so it is geared towards employees who are: job-changers; job re-entrants; C-suite executives; mid-level executives; executives who want to become entrepreneurs; executives or entrepreneurs who want to work through career blocks, develop leadership capabilities, and accelerate their promotion.


30 Coaching Hours

Price: 3,000$

  • Creating a vision for possible careers to pursue
  • Developing an informational interviewing strategy to learn more and assess fit
  • Creating your personal and professional brand, in person and online
  • Developing your pitch (online and print resume, elevator speech, LinkedIn and SEO, persuasive and original answers to FAQ)
  • Mock interviews
  • Identifying what makes you indispensable to your clients and organization
  • Maximizing your zone of brilliance
  • Developing your forward career plan
  • Other career issues you would like support on

Laser coaching refers to a one-hour session where a client asks me to respond to a specific problem, issue, or challenge that they are having.


1 Coaching Hour

Price: 100$

  • The laser coaching service is a focused flash coaching session focused on a topic of the client’s choosing.




An expert in key performance indicators and human resource development, holds a Ph.D. in human resources management from Jinan University in Lebanon, has more than 10 years of work experience in human resource management, key performance indicators, and training. He has a Certified Professional and Practitioner Certificate in Key Performance Indicators from The KPI Institute and an Advanced Trainer Certificate in Key Performance Indicators from KPI Mega Library, as well as a Curriculum Preparation Professional Certificate from the International Training Organization ATD.
He is currently the director of the Training Academy at AlNahla Group, as well as a visiting lecturer, supervisor, and researcher at the College of Business Administration at Jinan University. Also, he is a consultant in several training and consulting companies, including KPI Mega Library, Ivory, and Al-Jinan University Training and Consulting Center. In addition to his training activity, he has a great interest in publishing researches and studies and writing scientific articles, which resulted in (12) scientific research papers, along with 3 books .



Protocol, leadership, and media appearance expert, holds a Ph.D. in Public Relations and Media from Middle East.
He was appointed Vice President of Al-Wefaq International University for Distance Learning, a member of the International Protocol Officers Association, visiting professor at Constantine State University, and lecturer at the United Arab Emirates University and Dubai Police Academy.
He trained a lot of VIPs, leaders, government secretaries-general, and diplomats.
He has trained in more than 9 capitals and 112 Asian, African and European cities.
He established special training systems and new training materials in the areas of both appearance and sound and linked them to musical shrines.
He has presented and prepared several special TV programs and periodic interviews, which were displayed on more than fifteen Arab satellite channels, including MBC, the American “Alhurra”, Dubai, and other channels.
He is considered the Arab champion for improvisation in Muscat Detac, “Toastmaster”, and won the shield of the Lebanese President’s Advisor in the 2015 Arab University of Beirut reciting competition.



Mr. Mohammed is a certified instructor in human development, holds a bachelor’s degree from King Saud University, he is a certified trainer by the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation. He has multiple certificates from Ernst & Young, as well as local and international certificates as an expert in the field of values, an LMI certificate from the International Driving Department in Texas, a PMP certificate from INITIATORS PIONEERS INSTITUTE, and accredited certificates in trainers training on modern means, and others.
He has prepared and provided more than (200) training programs, in (management and leadership, and the development of human resources), for many ministries and government and private institutions such as the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development and the Ministry of Health and the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation and some Saudi universities.
He is the head of the Learning Skills Department in the Technical College in Riyadh, the head of the Student Activities Center in the same college.








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