Competition And Survival Strategies.(How to manage your project during the crisis)

Corona Virus Outbreak Worldwide is a major challenge for SMEs; since the current period is witnessing a significant decline of economic growth, entrepreneurs and owners of small enterprises may wonder how to manage small projects in crises that definitely negatively affect the global economy and market; so they should take this into account when creating their own businesses.

And with the development of the current crisis day after day, global trade activities have been affected as a result of the total or partial closure of institutions, and therefore it has become mandatory for owners of small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs to be aware of the size of the current crisis and the danger it poses to their projects, so that they can take the right steps and alternative  strategies to ensure continuity and success.

And from this perspective, we, in Ivory, worked  to choose the most important topics in this free training initiative.

Competition And Survival Strategies. Hameed Radman

1st Session. 1 hr

HMPCI 1st Session Competition And Survival Strategies

A special training portfolio enables the trainee to be familiar with the various strategies in preserving the organization and analyzing the internal and external business environment in order to maintain production and stay in competition under difficult conditions and maintain performance excellence and increase returns.

HMPCI 2nd session material
HMPCI 1st session evalutaion

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Competition And Survival Strategies.(How to manage your project during the crisis)
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