Fraud Related Compliance Training

It is a training related to Fraud, Corruption how to respond and prevent, how to investigate, Report Incidents, Assess Risks and come up with a response plan.

Training Objectives:

  • Identify various types of corruption that may occur in your work.
  • Apply corruption awareness and prevention “best practices” in your work.
  • Report potential incidents of corruption to World Vision appropriately and in a timely manner.
  • Evaluate potential corruption risks for your organization and develop a draft Corruption Response Plan to manage these risks proactively.
  • Conduct Risk Mitigation,
  • Be able to conduct Risk Assessment,
  • Be able to conduct proper Investigations
  • Mitigate the risk for penalties under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines at your organization
  • Implement the elements of an effective compliance and ethics program
  • Comply with anti-fraud laws and regulations1st session. 7 hrs
  • Identify the need and plan for investigations into suspected non-compliance or fraud

1st session. 7 hrs

Fraud and Corruption. pre test
Fraud and Corruption. acquaintance
Fraud and Corruption. 1st day
  • Welcome And introduction
  • Program Introduction and Goals
  • What is Fraud?
  • Types of Fraud
  • Departmental Fraud
  • Understanding Risks
  • Formulating an Effective Counter-Fraud Strategy
  • Closing Remarks

2nd session. 7 hrs

Fraud and Corruption. 2nd day
  • Day 1 review
  • Fraud Detection
  • Managing Fraud Response
  • Federal Sentencing Guidelines
  • Effective Compliance and Ethics Program
  • Closing Remarks

3rd session. 7 hrs

Fraud and Corruption. 3rd day
  • Day 2 review
  • Anti Fraud Rules and Regulations
  • Fraud Investigation Planning
  • Practical Fraud Plan Outline using predefined Templates
  • The Future of Fraud
  • Closing Remarks

4th session. 7 hrs

Fraud and Corruption. 4th day
  • Day 3 review
  • Fraud SOP
  • Practical SOPs by pax
  • SOP presentation by groups
  • What is a Response Plan
  • Practical Response Plan by pax
  • Response Plan presentation by groups
  • Post Test
  • Closing Remarks
  • training closeup
Fraud and Corruption. post test
Fraud and Corruption. evaluation

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Fraud Related Compliance Training
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