Arabic language for non-native speakers,260421

Mr. David Grover

Ivory For Training and Consulting is pleased with your request for its consulting services, and congratulates you on your wise decision to invest in the Arabic language for non-native speakers program, which will achieve the highest efficiency and productivity in your work and your organization.

This program aims to provide you with sufficient Arabic linguistic terminology to enable you to speak Arabic in various social occasions, allow you to successfully engage in daily interactions and to understand the cultural value of common Arabic expressions.

Therefore, the Arabic language course was designed to suit the interests of the CEO of Roshen Real Estate.

Principles of Our Program:

  1. Language learning is learning to communicate using the target language.
  2. The language used to communicate must be appropriate to the situation, the roles of the speakers, the setting and the register. The learner needs to differentiate between a formal and an informal style.

  3. Communicative activities are essential. Activities should be presented in a situation or context and have a communicative purpose. Typical activities of this approach are: games, problem-solving tasks, and role-play. There should be information gap, choice and feedback involved in the activities

  4. Learners must have constant interaction with and exposure to the target language.
  5. Development of the four macro skills — speaking, listening, reading and writing – is integrated from the beginning, since communication integrates the different skills.

  6. The topics are selected and graded regarding age, needs, level, and students’ interest.

  7. Motivation is central. Teachers should raise students’ interest from the beginning of the lesson.

  8. The role of the teacher is that of a guide, a facilitator or an instructor.

  9. Trial and error is considered part of the learning process.

  10. Evaluation concerns not only the learners’ accuracy but also their fluency.

Program Goals:

  1. They will comfortably exchange their greetings in Saudi Arabic with their colleagues.
  2. They will acquire the Arabic version of the most frequently used English words in their field of work at the Red Sea Company.

  3. They will be able to fluently place their orders at Arabic restaurants, hotels, and airlines etc…

  4. They will be able to clearly articulate the Arabic sounds.

  5. They will be able to recognize Arabic letters and read them.

  6. They will be able to express their feelings.
  7. They will be able to comprehend and produce common Saudi Arabic expressions such as invitations, polite refusals and requests.

  8. They will better understand the Saudi culture through learning the language.

First Session. one hour

260421 Arabic 1st session

Second Session. one hour

260421 Arabic 2nd session

Third Session. one hour

260421 Arabic 3rd session

Fourth Session. one hour

260421 Arabic 4th session

Fifth Session. one hour

260421 Arabic 5th session

Sixth Session. one hour

260421 Arabic 6th session

Seventh Session. one hour

260421 Arabic 7th session

Eighth Session. one hour

260421 Arabic 8th session

Ninth Session. one hour

260421 Arabic 9th session

Tenth Session. one hour

260421 Arabic 10th session
260421 Arabic evaluation

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Course available for 365 days
Duration: 10 sessions
Lectures: 11
Video: 1 hour
Level: Advanced


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Arabic language for non-native speakers,260421
251,850 SAR
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