IVORY … Through its presence in the world of consulting, seeks to convey its experiences and the conclusion of its team’s experiences through a unique and distinctive strategy…

With the tremendous advance and missile development of technology and business and under the extreme competition and scarcity of opportunities, IVORY provides its clients with sustainable and temporary solutions; our team also analyzes the reality to give the correct perception of the future, whether for businessmen or managers, small projects owners, and professionals.

IVORY’s experienced team adds minds to your mind and analyzes problem factors so that its solutions and consultations are effective and powerful.

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IVORY .. Through its consultations in the selection and recruitment processes, provides the latest mechanisms that meet the needs of clients and develop their recruitment strategies.

These operations may include:

  • Job descriptions development, job classification, skills, knowledge, and behaviors.
  • Building clear selection criteria.
  • Make search and advertising plans.
  • Building short lists of candidates according to criteria.
  • Creating interviews, evaluation, and selection team, and building the special methodology for these processes.
  • Employment contracts Creating.
  • Preparing offers and completing the agreement process with the candidates.
  • Analyzing of candidates references.
  • Determining and selecting the best candidate according to the criteria.

IVORY provides the utmost support to the organizations in setting their policies, as well as the procedures to be taken in alignment with the organization’s policies, because this affects the most important component of the organizations, namely: the management of internal operations …

While procedures specify the way of implementing these decisions and actions, it is made up of a number of interrelated, arranged, and time-bound processes agreed upon by all work implementing parties .

At the same time, the right procedures will lead to simplifying the performance of the work, reducing the time required to implement it, and the correct distribution of tasks and in the context that serves the final product.

Policies help in clarifying the way how goals and strategies will be achieved, define responsibilities for different departments, and ensure the quality level of outputs.

IVORY … From its deep belief in the importance of the human element in any system and facility and its knowledge of the cost of incomplete work, as well as dispensing human resources or replacing new groups instead of them, if it is random and without a comprehensive database and a studied plan …

IVORY designed a fast and results-oriented model that measures the capabilities of employees and their ability to do the job.

So how do we measure career connectivity in a rapidly changing environment?

The employee opinion questionnaire is: a form of brief questionnaires that presents a set of simple and focused questions on weekly, monthly and quarterly periods, in order to anticipate employee skills, experiences and interaction with change and thus provide an opportunity for institutions to make decisions according to the results of the questionnaire quickly and continuously.

Maintaining customer satisfaction is essential to establish a successful and advanced business…

IVORY … Through its experience in the labor market and consulting, it offers support, customer problems solving methods, and finding many innovative solutions and methods to serve them…

And because IVORY believes that former clients are supportive credit, and taking care of them brings more new customers.

The importance of customer service staff evaluation?

  •  Improving customer loyalty.
  •  Improving customer satisfaction.
  •  Getting customer referral.
  •  Maximizing customer value.

IVORY … and through its distinguished consultant staff, superior programs, and effective strategy makes employees the most enthusiastic about change rather than resisting it …

The best and most effective ways of change are special and direct supervision for the employee when he is on the job by his counselor and expert.

  • Individuals motivation plan to help change rather than resist it
  • A detailed, clear and logical plan in all its stages, including incentives and procedures.


The training need is evaluated to link the lack of functional performance to work needs through:

  • Data collecting using appropriate needs analysis measures.
  • Information analysis and needs assessment.
  • Developing a training plan accordingly and in accordance with the goals and standards of the organization.

Analysis phase includes:

  • The organization and challenges it faces to achieve its goals.
  • Staff performance towards achieving the goal.
  • Employees’ skills, knowledge, and behavior necessary to perform tasks.

Through it, an analysis is made of the gap between the current and the desired situation, then the priorities that will be worked on (organization – jobs – individuals) are determined and the training plan is drawn up based on the results of this analysis and according to the priorities.

  • Assessment of functional skills and capabilities for all employees.
  • Analyzing the gaps and skills needed to be improved.
  • Designing specialized courses to address and develop their skills in a way that ensures an effective result on the organization level.
  • A comprehensive analysis of the gaps and skills required, necessary training, performance comparison after training courses and impact measurement.

Organizations seek to provide the best service by developing the skills of their employees and training them, and in order not to lose the compass and not to continue in useless or of little interest advisory programs, IVORY made its own strategy in assessing the need for advisory programs for each organization and institution according to its specialization and activity.

One of IVORY consulting goals is to protect the customer from wasting time and money to achieve a difference in performance and to build a human resources system with competencies. IVORY prepares employees’ survey questionnaires and analyzes their results quantitatively to stimulate the innovation strategy in human resources.

Building the human resources system with competencies aims to:

  • Familiarity with the competency-based human resource management methodology.
  • Linking human resources management to the organization’s strategic plan.
  • Putting job analysis and functional descriptions using the competencies methodology.
  • Determining organizational level competencies and functional competencies for all jobs.
  • Using the competency methodology in the polarization process, interviewing, and recruitment.
  • Using the competency methodology in evaluating employees’ performance (monthly / yearly).
  • Planning and designing training programs using the competency methodology.
  • Using the competency methodology in training evaluation.

Our clients in the strategic planning process will be able to define the long-term goals of the organization and how to reach them through several stages, the most important of which are:

  • Determining the implementation steps.
  • Gaps analysis through an analysis of the current situation and performance indicators.
  • Developing the organization’s key performance indicators.
  • Building the organization’s organizational structure.
  • strategic business units.
  • Defining the organization’s areas of work and the main service outlines.
  • Building the organization’s mission and defining its work field and its distinction points.
  • Defining the organization’s vision (total of long-term goals).
  • Organization’s values reviewing.
  • Determining the duration of the strategic plan.
  • Formatting the plan team and organizing its work and powers.

IVORY … guarantees its customers the complete satisfaction of the performance of its employees and work teams and verifying that it works to achieve its goals through its nine steps and superior strategy by:

  • Performance management planning.
  • Setting specific and clear goals.
  • Defining individual competencies.
  • Continuous and periodic reviews.
  • Putting an effective communication system.
  • Continuous improvement of operations.
  • Performance evaluation through agreed methods and standards.
  • Determining assessment criteria and performance-related rewards.
  • Putting individual development plans.
  • Evaluating performance that is not compatible with the goals and putting plans for organizational development.

With the tremendous managerial and technical progress, management models are becoming increasingly important to become the basis for assessing organizational capacity and identifying improvement and development opportunities .P3M3 model is one of the oldest and most effective models in the portfolio, projects and programs management sector.

IVORY Consulting Team, with its experience in using the P3M3 model, helps you balance the process with people; who run it; efficiency, the tools that are deployed to support it, and the management information used to manage performance and improvements.

A comprehensive report of all the institution’s strengths and weaknesses, and based on that an assessment of a score of 5 as an indicator of the level of maturity in the organization and giving an internationally recognized certificate for that.

  • Examining current practices and procedures.
  • Interviews with projects and portfolios managers.
  • Gaps analysis by P3M3 module.


IVORY believes that the spirit of work in any project lies in the Projects Management Office…

Therefore, it developed a clear strategy and practical mechanisms for all phases of establishing the Project Management Office and using the guide to create the appropriate infrastructure, including:

  • Understanding the current state of the organization
    The consultant analyzes the current situation, understands how the organization works and performs, and studies any problems in projects management practices.
  • Performance improving
    The consultant provides you with the necessary solutions, tools, and procedures that suites the strategy and structure of the institution or the goals of establishing this office.
  • Projects Management Office Establishing
    Establishing a projects management office that organizes all these matters in a professional and effective way in order to help increase the success rate of projects.
  • Building techniques and tools
    Establish a monitoring and reporting mechanism to assist in decision-making related to management and raise the project performance. 

IVORY is distinguished in the development of a competency-based framework to support individual projects managers and institutions that wish to evaluate, plan and develop the competence of a projects manager based on a set of project management tools standards.

  • Assessing the current capabilities, projects management requirements and its tasks.
  • Designing a framework for assessing the level and skills for future use in competency assessment.
  • A clear plan for every individual in how to develop his career path, skills and types of training he needs in details.

In light of the large organizations and companies retaining their large structures, the need for a fast-performing methodology with a strong impact to ensure the quality and continuity of the work through direct guidance from the consultant during the implementation process.

  • Understanding the difference place in their journey and providing the right approach to support their growth.
  • Institutional shift towards agile approach.
  • Establishing the tools, framework, and procedures that must be followed to ensure the implementation of software development projects in an effective manner instead of the traditional method.
  • The training in an interactive class where participants test the Agile mindset and gain basic knowledge about implementation.

IVORY Advisors provide this service to the institution’s decision-makers by guiding them towards best practices in projects, programs and portfolios managing in a manner that ensures reducing the internal cost and increasing efficiency and thus enabling them to have the skill to start smoothly to establish and manage any project, program or portfolio, especially the very important projects.

  • Planning, monitoring and following-up.
  • Promoting the proper delivery of the project.


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